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Awe-inspiring bathroom colours

Awe-inspiring bathroom colours

Jul 27, 2015

A bathroom can be perceived as a simple device designed to provide a quick and functional service. In order to do that, one needs four walls painted in white, a bog-standard toilet, washbasin and a bathtub. However, a bathroom can be something more than the above description. It can become nothing short of a masterpiece when the right colours are used. Therefore, let’s examine the colour aspect more closely in order to see the range of possibilities it offers.

One question has always been pretty difficult to answer. There’s always been a kind of a dilemma what to expect of a bathroom. Some people just want a simple and down-to-Earth facility that can be used quickly and efficiently. They just aren’t interested in anything else other than pure functionality and practicality. Little wonder, then, there are people who just need a plain white interior with similarly coloured sanitary ware equipment. At this point, however, it is important to mention that a bathroom doesn’t have to look like that at all. By choosing your bathroom colours wisely, it is possible to achieve some spectacular effects.

Nature as a source of colour inspiration

The plain white colour may not be the most interesting bathroom colours one can think of. Of course, these days the range of available colours simply boggles the mind and one gets spoilt for choice immediately. However, choosing the right colours for your bathroom is definitely worth the effort. We recommend looking for a source of inspiration by turning tGrace_Bathroomo nature. A combination of tropical ocean blue has been very popular recently and that appears to be for a very good reason. Apparently, people want their bathrooms to resemble natural water reservoirs and that’s why blue colour themes are popular. Currently it is possible to choose from a variety of items that can be specified very precisely as to the colour they come in. This applies to, for example, tiles. Tiles manufacturers offer a dazzling variety of colours, shapes and designs for you to choose from. Of course, this applies to both floor and wall tiles. Now it is about time we mentioned wall colours. As we said earlier, those who don’t really want the plain white colour are free to choose from a long list of all imaginable colour options. Again, shades of blue are also popular and for the same reason. Finally, it is a good idea to mention bathroom lighting. According to specialists, the colour and nature of bathroom lights is also very important in creating a fantastic bathroom atmosphere. Thanks to the LED technology it is possible to alter the colour temperature in order to get the expected result.


It is much more interesting to choose other bathroom colours than just white. As we have seen, the shades of blue are very popular at the moment but please feel free to choose the colours that take your fancy.

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