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A small bathroom can be functional as well

A small bathroom can be functional as well

Mar 8, 2013

Over the last couple of years, the importance of the practical aspect has been noticed by bathroom customers to an unprecedented degree. As it seem, these days people aren’t only interested in style and design. That is, of course, important but it really seems that customers these days are mainly interested in practicality and functionality which, surprisingly enough, can be also achieved in case of small bathrooms.Sales figures as well as numerous opinion polls appear to confirm the statement that functionality and practicality are very important for modern day bathroom customers. Until recent times, though, customers were predominantly interested in fitting their big, almost Victorian-like bathrooms with shiny sanitary ware accessories ideally made of gold or at least silver. These days, on the other hand, customers prefer a more humble style with an emphasis on everyday practicality. When you come to think of it, the modern day approach appears to be a result of the tendency that has been observed down the years. Apparently, bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller and these days it really takes some serious skills to arrange a relatively small bathing room in such a way so that it remains functional and practical.

Making your small bathroom practicalcompact

The first step on the way to a fully practical bathroom involves the right choice of sanitary ware and furniture products. At this stage it must be clearly specified what sort of items you’re interested in and whether those items will work in your small bathroom. Therefore, if you’re not an expert, you are advised to go for the solutions that have worked well for other customers. For example, a conventional toilet can be replaced with a space saving, compact one. The compact designs feature a cistern and a bowl virtually in one piece and that is very clever when it comes to space saving. Another very important choice has a lot to do with a shower enclosure. According to all experts as well as casual users, a showering unit occupies way less space than any bathtub and for this reason alone it is a must-have in a small bathroom.


A small bathroom doesn’t have to indicate impracticality on a daily basis. As it turns out, by choosing the right sort of sanitary ware products alone, you will be able to maintain a high level of functionality in spite of the small size of the bathroom.

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