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A serious approach to a functional bathroom

A serious approach to a functional bathroom

Oct 22, 2013

According to a recent survey, a majority of people would like to have a bathroom that would be functional and ecological at the same time. Apparently, sanitary ware manufacturers are very good at detecting what their customers want and that is why we’ve got a whole variety of bathroom products that help to turn an average bathing room into a functional and ecological unit. Therefore, let’s have a slightly closer look at what it is that can do the job.

At first, it might appear that a functional and ecological bathroom cannot really happen at the same time. We have seen many products and objects before that can either be functional or ecological. However, due to the fact that engineers and experts working for the biggest sanitary ware companies have been working on an ideal bathroom for many years now, it appears that they’ve finally cracked it. What’s more, it would be very cool as well if you could make some kind of a statement by having a bathroom that is functional and ecological at the same time. It would mean that you’re a very well-sorted person which does care about the natural environment just as much as you care about your own needs.

Combining the two ultimate qualities of a bathroom

Having a bathroom that would be functional and eco-friendly at the same time sounds like a cracking pGeo6_180PivotDoor_w_SPnl_2011rospect. Luckily, it is now possible to turn even a smallish bathroom in a flat into one that features everything a decent modern bathroom should have. First of all, it is pretty surprising to notice that eco-friendliness appear to meet halfway when it comes to the choice of the main piece of sanitary ware gear in your bathroom, namely a shower enclosure. It actually turns out that choosing a shower enclosure over a bathtub scores very high in both competitions. From a purely practical perspective, a shower enclosure is better because it takes way less time to take a shower than to have a bath. Since time is money these days, it pays off to have a piece of bathroom gear that contributes to saving as much of it as possible. Ecologically, a bathtub also loses to a shower enclosure due to water consumption reasons. According to experts, most people tend to fill their tubs with more water than it is actually needed which means that water is simply wasted without a good reason. As it turns out, then, it is just enough to choose a shower enclosure over a bathtub in order to have a functional and yet very ecological bathroom. More importantly, though, the size the bathroom is pretty much irrelevant in this case.


We’ve seen that, in spite of your bathroom size, you can turn it into a functional and ecological unit when you choose to install a shower enclosure over a bathtub.

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