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A practical bathroom design

A practical bathroom design

May 2, 2013

Having a decent bathroom design is often a dream for many people. Apparently, they believe that a good design can’t possibly have anything to do with functionality or practicality. For some reason, a lot of customers are convinced that this is an either-or situation and a compromise isn’t possible. Luckily, though, more and more sanitary ware companies offer well-designed bathroom products which score high also in the practicality competition. With that in mind, let’s see at some of those designs to see what they’re all about.

It is pretty hard to understand why a majority of potential bathroom customers are unaware of the fact that a well-designed bathroom means not only aesthetics but a great deal of practicality as well. There have been increasing numbers of sanitary ware companies actually offering products that manage to combine style with function and that is excellent news. What’s more, some of those products are suitable for small bathrooms which sounds excellent if you own one of those smallish bathrooms typical of modern day flats. Therefore, let’s have a look at a few examples of how design meets functionality.

Design meets functionality

Although it sounds like a very broad claim, it is actually possible for style and design to work together in order to create a coherent bathroom design which also work in smaller rooms. Speaking of smaller rooms, they turn out toHinge_Door_Side_Panel be particularly difficult to arrange due to the fact that there’s a very little amount of space to be used. Luckily, though, some of the modern day bathroom products are perfectly suitable for those locations. For example, then, a very decent but small bathroom is bound to come with a shower enclosure. Unlike a regular bathtub, a showering unit occupies much less of the bathroom area which is excellent. What’s more, a shower is known for using more of the vertical area which isn’t quite as precious as the horizontal one is which makes for an even better bathroom arrangement. Moving on, it is important to choose a good toilet set. Typically, the best combination involves either a compact design or a wall-mounted unit. Depending on your individual requirements, you can select whichever type you like. You should bear in mind, though, a wall-mounted unit may be more space efficient but it is usually slightly more expensive to buy and more complicated to install. But it is certainly worth all the efforts.


A well-designed and stylish bathroom isn’t impossible to achieve. However, it requires a little bit of effort to be made.

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