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A new decor for your bathroom

A new decor for your bathroom

Jul 1, 2013

The truth is, even the best-looking bathroom becomes outdated in the course of time. Apparently, the development in the sanitary ware design goes on so fast that it is only a matter of 5-10 years before a particular bathing room design is no longer fashionable. Therefore, a new bathroom decor is often needed in order to gain a new bathroom image that is bound to last for another 10 years.

Sadly, these days we can’t really speak of a bathroom design that is able to last more than a decade. Changes in the sanitary ware industry happen so fast that even those designs which used to be absolutely groundbreaking and utterly brilliant a decade ago are now outdated and forgotten. Therefore, if your bathroom’s become outdated, you should really think of trying out a new bathroom decor which is bound to bring back the design freshness to your bathing room. Interestingly enough, a majority of sanitary ware manufacturers offer whole product ranges designed with style and design in mind.

A new bathroom decor to the rescue

Getting a new bathroom decor is the perfect solution to the outdated bathroom problem. New pieces of sanitary ware furniture combined with a set of new colours are bound to give the results you’re after. At this stage, howeve12Sola_Temp_NonConcr, you should bear in mind the fact that a new decor is a chance for a completely new image. For example, if your old design was all about bright colours which are known for thought-provoking characteristics, you’re advised to try something from the other end of the scale. A set of ambient colours are capable of creating quite a different impression than bright colours in that you can count on their calming down and relaxing properties. According to a recent survey, a majority of customers are interested in a bathroom that is a source of relaxation rather than inspiration which is why ambient colours are in great demand at the moment. Speaking of particular colour shades, you must know that pastel shades of blue, red, yellow, green, beige and red are among the most popular choice because they embody the relaxing and calming down characteristics. What’s more, it has been scientifically proven that choosing the above colours lowers the heart beat rate by 20-30% and this is the best piece of evidence that confirms the importance of a good bathroom decor.


A good bathroom decor is very important because it is the defining factor of each and every bathroom. Moreover, choosing a particular decor and colours created precisely defined results.

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