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A functional option for your bathroom

A functional option for your bathroom

Jun 26, 2013

A very well-designed bathroom shouldn’t be all about fancy colours and stylish shapes. As it seems, a well-designed bathroom manages to combine a decent look with a great deal of functionality and pure everyday practicality. Given that, let’s have a closer look at sanitary ware and bathroom furniture products offered by all major companies in order to see if they’re any good at all.

The idea of a well-designed bathroom often proves to be very tricky. Apparently, there are still quite a lot of people who think that attractive colours and shiny mirrors are enough for a bathroom to be well-designed. However, according to experts, a well-designed bathroom goes far beyond just pure aesthetics and for a design to be successful, it has to be able to combine the looks with functionality and practicality. Therefore, let’s see how major sanitary ware companies see the ideal bathroom design.

A well-designed bathing room

A well-designed bathroom is a notoriously difficult task to accomplish. Depending on individual preferences, some people pay more attention to style but others clearly prefer pure functionality. Therefore, a well-designed bathroom should be able to combine the above-mentioned features in such a way so that the final design offers the perfect blend of3D_Main_Set aesthetics and practicality. Fortunately enough, there are increasing numbers of manufacturers that offer products which stand a chance of success in the design department. Major manufacturers even offer bathroom suites that were especially designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind. At this stage it should be borne in mind that a complete bathroom suite is usually the easiest way to enjoy a well-designed bathroom because all the difficult bits are already done by the bathroom company. However, there are still customers willing to choose each and every piece of sanitary ware equipment all by themselves which is possible but perhaps a little bit more demanding. It always takes quite a lot of time to come up with a list of bathroom equipment that features only those products that do not clash with one another and the most important condition of being well-designed is satisfied. In other words, then, we strongly encourage everyone to try and go for a bathroom suite first because it’s easier and takes way less time. An individual quest for a perfect bathroom should be the last resort.


A functional bathroom that also features many aesthetic features is definitely the most welcome bathroom solution these days. However, a quest for a well-designed bathroom should always begin with an analysis of bathroom suites.

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