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A functional bathroom on a daily basis

A functional bathroom on a daily basis

Apr 9, 2013

When choosing bathroom components it is always important to pay a lot of attention to everyday functionality. Mind you, no matter how expensive your bathroom gear is, if it isn’t functional, it will always be a waste of money. With that in mind, let us have a look at what it is that makes a bathroom functional on a daily basis. As it seems, it really doesn’t take much to come up with a very good bathroom design.

The notion of functionality is always important in every bathing room. Surprisingly enough, there are still quite a lot of people who believe that the looks is more important than function. According to experts, though, the things look exactly the other way round. A good bathroom is functional above all and there just isn’t any room for style for style’s sake only. Every single piece of bathroom furniture has to make your life easier and more efficient. Little wonder, then, more and more sanitary ware manufacturers begin to offer ranges of energy efficient products which offer absolutely fantastic water consumption figures.

Efficient means functional

Although functionality doesn’t immediately make functional come to mind, it turns out that the two qualities are strongly related. First of all, being a potential bathroom customer, you have to realise that the products you’re about to cshower enclosurehoose are going to have to last for many years. Therefore, it really pays off to choose wisely. Instead of choosing conventional pieces of bathroom equipment, please make sure that you have a good look at the ranges of energy efficient bathroom products. A water saving toilet, for instance, is capable of extraordinary savings which is a major advantage of this bathroom solution over its conventional equivalents. The whole magic behind efficient toilets is very simple. A 2-stage flushing system combined with a rim-free bowl certainly deliver the goods for you. In addition, you can also choose a shower enclosure instead of a typical bathtub. According to experts, shower enclosures are far more functional than bathtubs for two main reasons. First of all, having a shower obviously takes less time than having a bath. These days everyone’s interested in saving as much time as possible so a shower enclosure is just the right thing. Secondly, while taking a shower you only use as much water as it is needed. In other words, then, a showering unit will always be cheaper to use than a tub.


A functional bathroom these days means efficiency above all. Therefore, there is a whole variety of efficient sanitary ware products currently available on sale.

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