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A functional bathroom matters a lot

A functional bathroom matters a lot

Mar 5, 2013

Although many people would like their bathrooms to look terrific, they seem to forget how important functionality is. Surprisingly enough, even the best-looking bathrooms can become a nuisance in a very short time unless their design encompasses functional and practical aspects as well. Therefore, before making a decision when it comes to choosing a particular bathroom design, it is absolutely crucial that at least some of the below tips are observed.

 Bathroom products and accessories are always popular with those who are just about to move into a new home or those in need of a bathroom makeover. Apparently, there are two ways to go down meaning an emphasis on style and looks or an emphasis on functionality. According to experts and professionals, choosing practicality makes a hell of a lot more sense than the other option. A functional bathroom usually begins with the right project that has to take into account all aspects of human needs. Therefore, if possible, a toilet should be located in a different room so that unnecessary queuing doesn’t happen. Mind you, a lot of projects involve a toilet and a bathtub or a shower enclosure squeezed into just one room and that is precisely where problems begin. Secondly, it is very important to take washbasin and mirror heights very seriously. Instead of going just for a random height, it is very sensible to take precise measurements in order to make sure that all family members will be able to use the two items in question. At this stage, though, it is also very important to remember about choosing a tilting mirror which can always compensate for height differentials should any occur.

The everlasting dilemma

Finally, we haveshower enclosure arrived at a dilemma which has been going on for ages. As it turns out, choosing between a bathtub and a shower enclosure isn’t as easy as it seems. For economical reasons a lot of customers tend to go for a showering unit as it indeed contributes to massive savings as far as water consumption is concerned. What’s more, though, a shower enclosure usually takes up way less space in a bathroom which is a major advantage over a bathtub. A bathtub, on the other hand, provides an excellent relaxation experience that can’t quite be replicated by any other piece of sanitary ware equipment. The bottom line, then, must be that if you have enough space in your bathroom, go for a bathtub or indeed for showering enclosure as well because it is always a comfortable situation to be able to choose between the two items on a daily basis.


To sum up, then, it really turns out that a functional bathroom plays a very important role in everyone’s lives. Knowing that all the sanitary ware products are there to make your life easier is both very pleasing and soothing at the same time.

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