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A contemporary bathroom decor

A contemporary bathroom decor

Apr 8, 2013

The design trends that are visible today have very little in common with those of the past. Apparently, customers these days are interested in practicality and functionality above all and such qualities like exquisite design appear to be of secondary importance. Little wonder, then, sanitary ware manufacturers offer products that are all about functionality but the aesthetic aspects isn’t totally forgotten either. Therefore, let’s have a closer look at what determines a contemporary bathroom decor.

To say that a contemporary bathroom decor has very little in common with the design of the past may not be enough in order to make everyone understand the whole point. Therefore, let’s briefly have a look at the bathroom decor typical of the olden days. One can’t help noticing that the looks and the style used to be the most important factors contributing to the overall image. Silver or even golden bathroom fittings were believed to be highly desirable if a bathing room was to be a status symbol of any kind. These days, on the other hand, we can definitely speak of a very different approach to style. The style itself definitely plays second fiddle to a completely different quality, namely functionality. With that in mind, let’s have a look at those very practical bathroom items which manage to feature that little bit of aesthetics, too.

Function combined with aesthetics

Make no mistake about it. Functionality and practicality are always going to be in the first place thesovale days. However, that is not to say we can totally forget about aesthetics. In order to find the perfect blend of function and style, one is advised to look for very specific pieces of sanitary ware equipment. First of all, when choosing a washbasin for your bathing room, think of oval designs. Style and aesthetics experts are unanimous in claiming that oval designs vastly contribute to the overall design of your bathroom by adding a touch of good taste. In addition, one is always encourage to choose fancy floor and wall tiles for the same reason. Finally, when choosing a showering enclosure, which as we know is far more practical than a bathtub, it is important to pay a lot attention to the type of doors. Apparently, there is a whole variety of shower doors available on sale and with a little bit of effort it is actually possible to pick the one that serves our two functions, namely functionality and aesthetics.


As we have seen, the modern day bathroom decor is primarily interested in practicality and functionality. However, a combination of the two qualities is also possible as it turns out.


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