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A battle for a functional bathroom

A battle for a functional bathroom

Jun 12, 2015

These days it is absolutely necessary to fight for a functional bathroom. Although the above claim may sound slightly shocking, it actually turns out that more and more people have to make do with very small bathrooms. This is often the case in contemporary block of flats. Apparently, the prices are pretty high which means that every square feet of the living are becomes more and more expensive. Little wonder, then, there are flats with tiny little bathrooms because there are other places in a flat which need to be bigger at the cost of the bathroom. However, not everything is lost and there are still various ways of making even a small bathroom functional and nice to use on a daily basis.

Small bathrooms of today don’t have to be a curse of the modern day crowded society. Even though they may look difficult to deal with at first sight, they can be certainly tamed down thanks to the modern day approach to bathroom design. It turns out that even a particularly small bathroom unit can be made into a functional and practical bathroom with ease. Therefore, let’s see exactly how to make a smallish bathroom into a proper unit that is nice and practical to use on a day to day basis.

The right approach

First of all, we need to learn that a small bathroom isn’t the worse that can happen. It is indeed a littlGalerie_Vanity_Basin_Detaile bit upsetting at first but it is nothing compared to not having a bathroom at all. Therefore, let’s see how a small bathroom transforms into a functional unit. The first step involves choosing the layout. Of course, the combined option with a toilet and a shower enclosure will be the best option. At this stage it is important to mention that bathtubs aren’t recommended. Not only do they take up your precious bathroom space but also they use a lot of water which is really bad for your wallet. Given that, a decent shower enclosure is the answer in this case. Sanitary ware manufacturers offer a whole bunch of products that are very functional and even better to look at. The range of shower accessories includes trays, screens and heads. Depending on your individual taste, significant customisations are possible. Now you need a good toilet. Of course, a typical toilet with a separate cistern is out of the equation here. In order to be able to use your bathroom are to the fullest extent, we recommend either a compact design or a wall-hung one. It sounds reasonable to choose the wall-hung option because it has all the features of a compact design and it uses even less space and that’s good news. Finally, it is time to choose your washbasin. Naturally, you can’t have a large one because there isn’t enough space. However, there are many options to choose from as far as the middle size is concerned.


A small but functional bathroom isn’t a fable. It turns out that a lot depends on the right approach at the stage of designing the bathroom.

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