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A bathroom with a style that matters

A bathroom with a style that matters

May 15, 2013

There are increasing numbers of bathroom customers that are genuinely interested in something more than just the price and functionality. As it seems, the number of customers interested in stylish bathroom designs is constantly growing and these days all major sanitary ware manufacturers offer products especially designed with style in mind. Due to the fact that those bathroom designs have been very popular lately, the pricing policy is gradually changing as well.

In spite of the overwhelming effects the global recession has had on a majority of our society, there are still increasing numbers of customers interested in bathroom style and design above other things. Apparently, those design enthusiasts are ready to compromise some of the functional aspects just in order to have a bathroom that is nice to look at. At the same time, there’s simply no room for efficiency, warranty conditions and other items which clearly leads to style-obsessed bathing room. Given that, let’s see what it takes to come up with such an extravagant bathroom solution.

Extravagance in a bathroom

Putting style and design in the first is of course nothing wrong at all. Apparently, a vast majority of typical bathroom design ideas are pretty repetitive and mundane in that they copy the same stylistic ideas over and over again. And that leads to a sea of the same bathrooms that don’t differ from one another at all. As a response to the design uniformity, thencore_set1dere are more and more people willing to break free from the convention and enjoy their own design world. When it comes to bathroom design, for example, the situation looks as follows. A typical and very functional and economical showering enclosure is often replaced with a big bathtub which isn’t either economical nor functional. However, the bathtub looks absolutely gorgeous and that’s what counts for design enthusiasts. Apart from pieces of sanitary ware equipment, style freaks often choose interesting wall and floor colours which are fascinating, to say the least. The colours often include bright shades that certainly draw attention but by no means they’re among the colours that are traditionally recommended for bathroom use. Apparently, a common set of pastel colours is nowadays considered to be far too common to be used in one of those stylish and design-orientated bathroom projects. At this stage it must be mentioned that many of those extravagant designs feature fancy bathroom mirrors which together with the right bathroom lights create an absolutely unique design impression.


It turns out that even a humble bathroom can be a good place for stylistic and design experiments.

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