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A bathroom that makes a statement about you

A bathroom that makes a statement about you

Sep 24, 2013

It appears to be very popular these days to have a bathroom that would make some sort of a statement about its owner. For a whole bunch of reasons, people want their bathing rooms to mean much more than a typical bathroom does and to look much better than a bog-standard bathroom does. Therefore, it has been very popular recently to actually restyle and redesign bathrooms so that they look modern and stylish. What’s more, it is also important that the style and design of your new bathroom has something to do with ecology and eco-friendliness.

If you want your bathroom to make a statement about you, there is just no better way of achieving your goal than going all green and ecological. A modern bathroom style and design just has to feel green in order to make a very good statement about you. On the other hand, a bathroom that comes with a terribly water inefficient bathtub makes a really horrid statement about you by saying to the world that you don’t really care about the world’s water resources and you just don’t give a damn about the ice melting down around the North Pole area.

Making an eco statement

For some reasons that aren’t immediately obvious, there are more and more people actually readGeo6_4_Fold_OBS_2011y to support all sorts of ideas that are supposed to be eco-friendly and save our planet. It could be that people are quite simply moved by the prospect of Earth’s water resources disappearing and that’s why they choose to have bathrooms that make a very positive statement about them. First of all, any bathroom design that has something to do with eco-friendliness has to be very strict when it comes to the use of bathtubs. Apparently, a typical bathtub is a large container which quite simply wastes water because people always put on more water than they actually need. A shower enclosure, on the other hand, uses only as much water as needed at any given moment which is great for the natural environment. Then there are the colours. It is no longer OK to use red or yellow in a bathroom. For some reason those colours are widely considered to have nothing in common with eco-friendliness and they need to be replaced with green. According to design and style experts, a bathroom painted in green with green tiles and a ceiling is a helluva ecological and it makes a wonderful statement about the owner.


A good bathroom design these days absolutely needs to be ecological both in the form and function. Apparently, this turns out to be the only way a good statement can be made about the owner of such a bathroom.

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