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A bathroom right up your street

A bathroom right up your street

Apr 29, 2014

Current day sanitary ware catalogues offer a great variety of design solutions capable of making each and every bathroom as functional and efficient as they can possibly be. Interestingly enough, over the last decade or so, we have seen a major increase in the number of eco-related options available to the general public. It turns out that these days everyone is interested in having their bathrooms designed in a way that makes water consumption as little as possible. What’s more, it is also desirable when a bathroom is functional because people want their facilities to be easy to use and straightforward.

The history of sanitary ware or bathroom style is very fascinating. Over the decades, a lot has changed as far as design is concerned and that is precisely why we should have a closer look at this issue. Back in the olden days, bathrooms weren’t necessarily most practical but they were certainly very good to look at. Apparently, it was pretty common to find bathing rooms designed to look absolutely great without even thinking too much about practicality or functionality. Snowy-white tiles and often golden or silver fittings were utilised simply because they were considered very fashionable and they seemed to speak volumes about the financial status of the owner.

A different approach to a bathroom design

These days, however, everything looks very different. There is a clear-cut division between mainstream bathr2Sola_Rimless_BTWpanoom design options and those aimed to look a million dollars. As it turns out, customers are now willing to choose between bathroom especially designed to look stylish and those which don’t really consider style to be all that important. For some applications, for example, style isn’t important at all and all that’s needed is pure functionality. The functional qualities often require very specific technological solutions in order to ensure reliability which is very important, too. Specifically, design solutions such as compact and wall hung toilets are very desirable because they do not use a lot of space in z bathroom. According to experts, the use of a compact or especially a wall hung one helps to save an awful lot of space in your bathroom which is very good news if you don’t have a large room at your disposal. Mind you, more and more flats and apartments come with relatively small bathroom units which cannot even squeeze a proper bathtub which is why one needs to go for space saving bathroom solutions. Speaking of functionality, it is also worth remembering that bathroom furniture should be choose very carefully, too. Get it right and you’ll have plenty of space but get it wrong and the whole bathroom will be immediately ruined.


These days the idea of bathroom functionality means efficiency when it comes to energy and space. Little wonder, then, more and more people are interested in having functional bathroom of their own.

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