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A bathroom decor that can move you

A bathroom decor that can move you

May 30, 2015

Bathroom design has become pretty boring over the last decade or so. Everything seems to be deprived of any particular sense of excitement and replaced with the much more popular common sensual approach. Certainly, one would be quite right in saying this has been good for achieving high sales figures but it hasn’t really been good for style or design. The artistic approach to bathroom designing is an old school of professionals that are absolutely convinced that a bathing room cannot be just about the common and uninteresting look combined with functionality. A good bathing room should incorporate excellent decor, design and be able to maintain its functional aspects, too.

Given that into account, we’re going to focus on explaining what it is that a good bathroom decor should consists of and we’re going to justify our claims. Then other aspects of a well-designed bathroom are going to be mentioned, including a possible conflict between a good-looking design and functionality issues. Finally, we’re going to address the statement that a bathroom with a complete design is very costly and difficult to come up with.

A moving sense of completeness

As we’ve already hinted at, a bathroom that a gorgeous-looking bathroom hasn’t been very popular recently for a number of reasons. First of all, it is often quite risky for a sanitary ware manufacturer to launch products that may not appeencore_set2_main1al to all customers. These days it takes an awful lot of courage to launch a product campaign without mentioning the words functionality or practicality. For some reason, then, it has become impossible to advertise products on the basis of just style or design. Everything has to be designed with functionality and practicality in mind. We argue, on the other hand, that it doesn’t really have to be that way. We suggest a completely different approach to style and design. Luckily, more and more design experts begin to understand that we cannot simply forget about the importance of colours and styles in bathroom designing. It is, of course, a given that some bathroom decor options are suitable for one occasion and they’re not quite all right as far as others are concerned but it doesn’t mean we should get rid of them altogether. More and more design experts begin to think that actually there isn’t a clash between functionality and style. It is, therefore, possible to come up with a bathroom design that involves lively colours and uncommon shapes and it still manages to be perfectly functional and practical on a daily basis. The fact that more and more sanitary ware manufacturers choose to launch products that are designed to look good and perform equally well is the best piece of evidence that there must be something to this style revival.


A good bathroom design should incorporate excellent style, decor and functionality.

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